We offer the following:

  1. Getting Started
    Structured needs: What is your mission and what are your SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely)?

    In order to improve the intelligence of your business, list your 1-3 years goals and obstructions.Learn more…
  2. Data Analytics - Cleansing, Mining, Profiling and Segmentation
    The value of information is as good as the data being fed into reporting.
    We provide or assist with Data Analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses within your data.
    To overcome weaknesses we apply data cleansing techniques and work with you to improve processes and procedures which avoid 'dirty' data and increases insight into your operations.Learn more…
  3. Business Intelligence - Reporting and In-House Applications
    Once the data is clean, we indentify the right mix of features. Reports and Applications will automate manual workload, ensure a high level of data integrity and provide more data which can be segregated into valuable reporting, allowing you to monitor, adjust business processes and reach your goals avoiding costly manual admin workload.Learn more…
  4. Website - Design, Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Maintenance and Hosting
    Now you have a website and need more buying customers. Advertising is an option, but one which has an ongoing cost without guarantees.
    It's nice to have a shop, but it won't function as required when situated in a backstreet. We assist bringing your website into the high street, in front of the right customers.
    You want your business to be seen and found, so the content is important as we want to attract many viewers. Fresh, up-to-date and interesting content will attract viewers. With some analysis on customer behaviour we work with you and apply interactive intelligence to your website to ensure your viewers convert into buyers.Learn more…
  5. Email - Marketing and Hosting
    Prospects express their interests in your product or services, Some buy and convert into customers and some decide not to engage yet.
    A registered customer has advised you of their interest, but how do you send them the right information at the right time?
    Based on buying habits, locality, economic and social cultural specific trends, browsing habits and numerous other indicators and triggers, we create custom algorithms for your business, which automatically and on ongoing basis segment your customers and create custom email campaigns to suit their needs.Learn more…